Friday, September 15, 2006

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Steve Pavlina jumps the shark, film at eleven...

So, if I'm understanding it correctly, this "think and get rich" scheme somehow involves buying lottery tickets? "Personal Development for Smart People"? I don't think so. Honestly, with self-helpers like this, who needs self-enemies?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

GIGO at the washington post

I had an interest in reading something in the Washington Post today. Of course, I had to register first. Some people prefer to bypass these registrations by using a service like bugmenot to gain entrance. I prefer to register. I believe that it is my responsibility to do so. Today, I registered as a 64 year old female from Idaho who is employed as a student/intern in the legal department of a packaged goods company with over 10,000 employees. I hope that their marketing people find this data useful.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm impressed...

I just checked on Technorati. My last post was the seventh post in their history to use the term "cantankerosity". I knew that the collective that is the blogosphere was a creative wonderland but, I must confess, this level of word makeupageness was beyond even what I expected.

(Ladies and Gentlemen, this is about to become the only internet site in the world that uses the "word" "makeupageness"(I checked). Thank you very much for your support.)

Things that annoy me (part 1)

Let the cantankerosity begin. I'm sure I'll be adding to this list over time but here's a few to get started with:

  • ATMs in my 99.9% english-speaking community that ask me my language preference.
  • Radio commercials that have car horns or sirens in them. They should be outlawed.
  • Bike riders that don't obey the rules of the road.
  • Those unreadable wavey text image thingies that you have to interpret and type in correctly to register at or get information from some web sites.
  • Nancy Grace. I've never watched more than 30 seconds of her show but this woman makes my skin crawl.
Enough for now.

Let the vent begin

This is my place to vent. No cows or other icons are sacred. Topics will be varied but will probably include, in no particular order, technology, sports, media, religion, politics, Pittsburgh and things that annoy me. Read if you want or don't, I don't care.